Walmart’s global scale

Walmart store$421 billion ($421,000,000,000)

A few days ago I shared an excellent infographic about U.S. media consolidation from Jason over at Frugal Dad.  That piece did a great job of mapping out the transformation of what was once a fragmented media landscape to one dominated by only six major conglomerates.  Today’s piece comes again from Frugal Dad and once again does an outstanding job of providing insight and perspective to another one of America’s business giants – Walmart.  While this infographic provides a series of valuable data points (including Walmart’s 2010 revenue listed above), I tend to think that it is unduly biased against Walmart and doesn’t take into account the millions of jobs Walmart has created in areas where other retailers historically would not have opened major outlets, much less superstores.  Additionally, Walmart and the Walton family – especially Sam Walton’s wife Helen – have a decades long history of charitable giving that has totaled in hundreds-of-millions of dollars.

Walmart infographic

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