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On November 17 Fast Company published a fascinating article by Anya Kamenetz entitled “The Case For Girls” about the progress – and lack thereof – that has been made the world over in the pursuit of gender equality.  From a “statistic of the day” perspective this article had a wealth of interesting data points.  While several of them are listed below, I strongly urge you to read the article in its entirety – both for the data-driven insights but more importantly to review your perspective on a critical world issue.

That said, today’s statistic of the day is the percentage of U.S. consumer purchases (83%) made by women.  More data points from the article are below.

  • 44% the increase in a U.S. woman’s paycheck from 1970 to 2007
  • 6% the salary increase for an American man over the same time
  • 2024 the year when the average American woman may outearn the average American man
  • 45% Swedish government officials who are women
  • 51.4% American managers who are women (way up from a meager 26.1% in 1980)
  • 33 countries that have had a female president. (But not, of course, the U.S.!)
  • 51% U.S. personal wealth held by women
  • 83% U.S. consumer purchases made by women
  • $0.63 what a Wyoming woman gets for every dollar a man earns
  • $0.84 what a woman gets in Vermont
  • 5 average number of children for an American mother in the 1960s; it’s down to 2.5 now
  • 21 average age of a first-time mom in 1970; it’s up to 25 now
  • 87 life expectancy (in years) of the average Japanese woman
  • 8.5% unemployment rate for U.S. women
  • 9.5% unemployment rate for U.S. men
  • 4% women on teams that created ads for this article
  • 3% female creative directors in the ad industry

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