Meeker’s 2011 Internet trends

Mary MeekerMary Meeker is one of those players in the Internet space who has been everywhere and seen everything (more or less).  Formerly she was an Analyst with Morgan Stanley and is currently a Partner with Silicon Valley venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.  Earlier today she presented on the Internet trends she sees changing the landscape (as she does every year).  Below you’ll find her slides for your reading pleasure and following the deck are the 11 trends themselves.

  1. Globality – We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore…
  2. Mobile – Early Innings Growth, Still…
  3. User Interface – Text / Graphical / Touch / Sound / Move
  4. Commerce – Fast / Easy / Fun / Savings = More Important Than Ever…
  5. Advertising – Lookin’ Good…
  6. Content Creation – Changed Forever
  7. Technology / Mobile Leadership – Americans Should Be Proud
  8. Mega-Trend of 21st Century = Empowerment of People via Connected Mobile Devices
  9. Authentic Identity – The Good / Bad / Ugly. But Mostly Good?
  10. Economy – Lots of Uncertainty
  11. USA Inc. – Pay Attention!

Personally I’ve found Meeker’s predictions to be right more often than not.  Some of them seem fairly obvious (i.e., mobile, advertising, etc.) while the significance of others can be a bit nuanced (i.e., mega-trend of 21st century, USA Inc., etc.).  Either way, her’s is an articulate and analytic opinion which should be given a good amount of air time.

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