Qwikster, D.O.A.

Following two tumultuous months of bad press, customer cancellations, and investor ire today Netflix decided to cancel plans to spin off the DVD home delivery business.  Last month CEO Reed Hastings upset customers by forcing customers to swallow a (relatively) large monthly price-hike or choose between home delivery or streaming.  This move triggered a customer exodus (over 1 million subscribers have left the service) and sent Netflix shares into a tailspin.  In a move that some analysts called the “dumbest” they had ever seen a company make, Netflix then announced that they were splitting the businesses entirely and Qwikster was born.  It didn’t take long for customers to realize that this would now require them to manage two profiles, two sets of user lists, receive two charges on their credit cards, etc. and suddenly Netflix found itself in a maelstrom of subscriber discontent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thankfully we won’t have to live with any of the different transmutations of the Qwikster name and hopefully this is the end of the uncharacteristically poor management decisions over at Netflix.

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