Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011As many will attest, I am the furthest thing from an Apple “fanboy” (i.e., a rabid disciple of Apple’s goods and services) but one cannot deny the transformative genius that was Steve Jobs.  His list of contributions to technology and innovation are almost too long to list: revolutionizing the personal computer, creating the first mainstream portable digital audio player, delivering on the promise of online digital media, shattering the boundaries of the smart phone paradigm, and finally “cracking the code” of the tablet computer.  He created hundreds-of-billions of dollars in wealth over the course of his career and has delighted tens-of-millions of customers with his visionary products.

A number of years ago inventor and technologist Bob Metcalfe inquired “[n]ow, if I invented metal, and came out with the first spoon, which would be the big invention, the spoon or metal?”  I would argue that Steve Jobs did both time and time again.

The Jobs family issued the following statement:

Steve died peacefully today surrounded by his family.

In his public life, Steve was known as a visionary; in his private life, he cherished his family. We are thankful to the many people who have shared their wishes and prayers during the last year of Steve’s illness; a website will be provided for those who wish to offer tributes and memories.

We are grateful for the support and kindness of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief.

The world loses an incomparable genius and visionary with the death of Steve Jobs.  Rest in peace.


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  3. Nicely said, Marshall. As you said, you’re not a fanboy, so it had even more meaning coming from your pen.

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