Amazon announces new Kindles

In a press conference this morning, Amazon officially announced their new tablet – Kindle Fire.  Months of speculation – including this post by yours truly – have led up to this release by the online retail and services giant.  The new 7-inch tablet features an ultra-wide, Gorilla Glass IPS screen (LCD, not e-ink) and has a highly-modified version of the beloved Android OS that is tightly-integrated with Amazon’s multimedia and consumer service offerings offerings.  The device has Whispersync via Wi-Fi, free cloud storage, a cloud-accelerated browser (Amazon Silk), and is powered by a Texas Instruments dual-core processor.  It will be shipping on November 15, 2011.

Amazon also released the Kindle Touch featuring an infrared e-ink touch panel that will be available for $99 (Wi-Fi only; the 3G version is $149).  The non-touch version of the new Kindle (i.e., using the Kindle Touch form-factor) is $79 and is available for sale today.

Having repeated this phrase several times, Jeff Bezos pointed his cross-hairs squarely at Apple and Samsung: “premium products at non-premium prices.”

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