Language visualization

CuriosityI am looking for a few relatively well-read, articulate and – most importantly – opinionated individuals to lend me a few minutes of their time (no more than 30) for an experiment on language visualization.  I’m reluctant to disclose the details about this experiment until I know the volunteers which of course is counter-intuitive and risks dissuading some otherwise perfectly good candidates. That said I’m sure a few souls will be willing to offer up a slice of their life for a (fairly) painless exercise.

What you need to participate:

  • 30 minutes of free time
  • A computer of any kind
  • An intense sense of curiosity

If you meet those minimum requirements, as well as those listed in the first sentence, and you’re interested in helping me out – please drop me a note.  If you do not meet those requirements (especially the third item on the list, please close the browser window now … ever so slllllowly).


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