Executive leadership teams take heed, social media rules

Executive leadership teams take heed, social media rules || “Boardroom Lessons from a Social Media Misstep” http://ow.ly/61MkE

Customer serviceThere’s nothing better than a motivated “advocate” customer – unless of course you’ve wronged them in some fashion.  This has always been the case but with the rise of the Internet as the in the 1990s and early 2000s, the ability to rate a product or service and have your voice be heard was embraced by some (i.e., Epinions, Amazon, etc.) and feared by others.  Customer service was transformed overnight by the widespread adoption of email by hundreds of millions of people world-wide and the “click to chat” with an agent connected interested or angry customers instantly to the right person at a company without having to toil through the layers of and interactive voice response system.  The social media phenomenon has obviously taken the power of the customer to a whole new level, so if (or when as the case may be) something fails to delight them – be prepared to feel the wrath.

A friend and colleague of mine recently wrote “Social networking…it’s instant news. Instant information is just like screaming in the streets in a volume the whole world can hear.”  So true.

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