I have seen the future (of EVs) and it is good

I have seen the future (of EVs) and it is good || “Tesla Releases Teaser Video Of Pre-Production Model S EV” http://ow.ly/5U822

So it is no secret that I’m a big fan of Tesla’s products although I have been skeptical at times of their viability of a business, although that challenge may be solved with the announcement of the $100 million deal with Toyota to produce elements of the RAV4 EV. It is also no secret that Elon Musk and I both knew each other during our undergraduate years at the University of Pennsylvania, so I will try to avoid sounding like a Tesla “fan boy” in declaring that I am absolutely going to be one of the first people to pick up a Model S.

Check out this sneak peek of the cars working out at a California test track.