Thousands of companies are already using “Apply with LinkedIn”

Thousands of companies are already using “Apply with LinkedIn” || “LinkedIn offers new way to apply for jobs”

Depending on the rate of adoption, I think this could transform the job application process which – as anyone who has applied for a position online can tell you – is a fairly repetitive process.  This capability from LinkedIn will allow a job seeker to essentially syndicate their professional profile and within a matter of a few clicks get it into a talent acquisition system quickly, not to mention enable easier networking with those people who might be in your network at the aforementioned company.  I’m only surprised that LinkedIn didn’t roll this new capability out with a few technology partners (i.e., Taleo, BrassRing, etc.) signed up to use this as a feature in their systems.  Given their market reach I would hope that is on the radar for the good people at LinkedIn or widespread acceptance will be an uphill battle.

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