Top posts for week ending 31-Jul

I’m not sure if its the summer weather and people are spending their time at the pool or if I wasn’t as attentive to The Road Not Taken this week due to travel constraints, but overall traffic was pretty mixed across the entire portfolio of posts and none of this week’s new content really stood out (although the classic Apple commercials did have a good showing):

  1. Thomas Keller knows food (and technology)
  2. Even Apple looks bad once in a while
  3. Did Google forget about Project 10×100?
  4. The most insane beer on earth
  5. I’m not a motorcycle rider, but I wish I was given how cool these are
  6. Just what is Taio Cruz trying to get across?
  7. If you must have an iPad, then a stand is probably a good bet
  8. Which are your favorites? I have more than a few
  9. Geoengineering; intriguing dialog from The Economist
  10. CNET gets a peak at the Dell Streak

I’m going to go ahead and write this week off as summer malaise, but let’s not let it happen again.