Top posts for week ending 17-Jul

It was a pretty interesting week for The Road Not Taken. As you can see from this week’s top posts, humorous topics had a slight lead over the serious topics (but not by a lot):

  1. The Handsome Men’s Club
  2. Thomas Keller knows food (and technology)
  3. Did Google forget about Project 10×100?
  4. Hysterical and foul-mouthed video pits the iPhone 4 against the HTC Evo
  5. Hans Rosling on global population growth
  6. My favorite summer memory…
  7. Interactive ‘worry map’ from The Economist
  8. Opera parodies Google’s Chrome speed test
  9. Awesome online identity infographic
  10. Hello Kitty rules the world

That last one still cracks me up.  Have a good weekend.