Top posts for week ending 10-Jul

Hello Kitty reigned supreme this week with humor and infographics (have a look at item #9 for an excellent example of the latter group) taking some spots in the top 10 most popular posts for the week ending 10-Jul:

  1. Hello Kitty rules the world
  2. What about the Yelp Website itself?
  3. Did Google forget about Project 10×100?
  4. Here’s some cerebral humor for you
  5. Wow, talk about things I did not know
  6. Fascinating; submarines to get connected
  7. Today’s absurd and superb infographic
  8. I’m a fan of the ReadyNAS product line; this just makes them better
  9. Awesome online identity infographic
  10. Congratulations on the IPO; now build the type S

Enjoy the weekend.  If you’re anywhere in North America, this week has been a hot one so hopefully you’re keeping cool.