No way, I couldn’t live without a car for a year…

This is one of those conditions of suburban living that caught me a bit by surprise. Not that it should have because logically getting around in the suburbs requires some mode of motorized conveyance. Rather, I am surprised by exactly how dependent I have become on a car.

For over 15 years I lived in major metropolitan areas (Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL) and aside from some rare trip to IKEA or the like, I was never beholden to a car. Particularly in Chicago you can get nearly everywhere via the Chicago Transit Authority’s vast network of trains and buses. If you needed to go directly point-to-point, then you hailed a cab which scuttled to and fro. In fact, having a car becomes a major burden when you’re living in the city for reasons that should be obvious (i.e., increased insurance, inflated parking costs, street parking unavailability, etc.). All of a sudden … *poof* … I have two cars (with two kids car seats) and now the only way to get anywhere, for any reason is via car. There is literally nothing within walking distance of my house.

That said, the nature of the question was whether or not I could LIVE without a car for a year and obviously the answer is “yes” but it sure would be unpleasant.