Brew your own without torturing your friends and family

Create a clone.

Most men I know have at one time or another considered brewing their own beer for a variety of reasons – visions of gloating over their masterful creation of a future gold medal winner is usually among the top three.  All too often the hard effort of the average home brewer yields little more than a harsher version of Piel’s or (if you’re lucky) Milwaukee’s Best.  Fret no more, the authors of CloneBrews, 2nd Edition: Recipes for 200 Brand-Name Beers have spent over 20 years replicating popular creations such as Foster’s Lager and Chimay Red.  That said, relatively little of the book is dedicated to the actual brewing process so I would highly recommend buying this as a companion to a tome such as How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right The First Time by John Palmer.  Good luck and happy brewing.