The Original Bacon Explosion™


It is no secret that I’m a huge fan of bacon. As a stand alone food it is darn good and it is an excellent accompaniment to nearly any dish, with the one possible exception being ice cream (if anyone can refute this, please do). So when I heard about The Original Bacon Explosion™ I just about fell out of my chair with sheer delight.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to get one in time for this Memorial Day’s grilling festivities but you can be certain it will be on the menu in short order.

Below you’ll find a quick excerpt from the good people at BBQ Addicts who make the aforementioned explosion:

As featured on CNN, Good Morning America, in the New York Times, and other major media outlets, The Original Bacon Explosion™, the world famous bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage, is enhanced with our classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce and rub, then smoked low and slow in a special blend of oak and hickory wood.

The recipe rapidly gained popularity across the globe and requests for a fully-cooked version poured in. To meet this demand, we are proud to introduce a delicious, fully smoked heat & eat version of The Original Bacon Explosion™.


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