Beer post III: Mighty Arrow by New Belgium Brewing

I wanted to take the opportunity to fire off a quick note about the pale ale from New Belgium Brewing called Mighty Arrow. Normally I would be more generous with my assessment of a brew related to one of my long-time favorites (Fat Tire) by the same brewery, but I have to say that there is nothing about Mighty Arrow that really distinguishes it from a very crowded field.  I can certainly appreciate the background behind the naming of the beer but I would hope that the brewers at New Belgium dig a bit deeper and focus on decreasing the weight of the beer slightly while balancing the honey flavor with the hops.  Please don’t misinterpret my criticism.  I do like the beer but compared to the other styles consistently produced by the brewery, this one leaves me wanting.  Unlike my prior two reviews, this libation features a 6.5% ABV which the average American drinker will find a bit higher than normal but still very manageable.

The good people at have rated it an 80 overall.