Beer post II: Delirium Tremens by Huyghe Brewery

Following on my recent sampling of New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk I stopped by my local wine and spirits emporium to procure one of my long-standing favorites –  Delirium Tremens by the good people at the Huyghe Brewery in Belgium.  The beer was launched in 1989 and has subsequently taken the world by storm.  In 1998 it was awarded top honors at the World Beer Championships and was crowned “Best Beer in the World”.  Like Dragon’s Milk this is a high ABV brew (8.5%) and should be treated with respect by those who are unfamiliar with it.

The good people at have rated it a 91 overall.


3 thoughts on “Beer post II: Delirium Tremens by Huyghe Brewery

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  2. You post on RateBeer that you have a full review here, but I see no review of the beer.

    P.S. has it rated at a 95 (not 91).

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