Beer post I: Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing

Since this blog is at its core a stream of consciousness list of things that I find interesting and curious, it is only fitting that I provide editorial about my love of food and drink which includes (among other things) beer.  Recently I had the good fortune to sample one of the delicious beers from the high gravity series produced by New Holland Brewing. Due to my love of both a delicious pour and fantasy literature, I tried the Dragon’s Milk ale which – according to the bottle – was aged in oak barrels.  Now I am neither food critic nor brew-master but this was a powerfully rich pour.  Dark in color with a warmth emanating from its depth the 10% ABV brew was delicious and featured subtle vanilla undertones.  Given the high alcohol content this is not for the amateur consumer.

The good people at have rated it a 96 overall.